The John F. Nicoll Pipe Band

About Us

Our Roster

Pipe Major Avery Bowen
Pipe Sergeant Mark Bartfeld

Guy Anderson
Elizabeth Belcher
Harold Bergman
Jeff Conaway
Paul Henkelman
Helen Keplinger

Drum Major Frank George
Drum Corporal Ryan George
Drum Lance Corporal Kody Silverman

Walt Brewer
Sherry Kuiper
Roger Sampson
Kory Silverman


Our Tunes

First Set
Rowan Tree
Scotland the Brave

4/4 March Set
Murdo's Wedding
Battle of Waterloo
Flett From Flotta

2/4 March Set
Happy We've Been Together
Piper's Cave
Jenny's Bawbee

6/8 March Set
Farewell to the Creeks
Cock o' the North

Medley Set
Garb of Auld Gaul
Barren Rocks of Aden
Intercontinental Gathering

Retreat Set