The John F. Nicoll Pipe Band

Band History

The John F. Nicoll Pipe Band was formed in 1977 by Walter T. Wilkie of the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards as an off-shoot of the Scottish Highland Society of Maryland. John F. Nicoll, from whom the band takes its name, was a piper in the British Army during WWI and eventually went on to become the Pipe Major of the prize-winning Clan MacRae Society Pipe Band and a teacher to band founder Walter Wilkie.

P/M Wilkie grew the band until moving away from the region in 1983, at which time, John McCruden was elected Pipe Major. P/M McCruden led the band until 1998, when the band elected Kevin M. Brown to the Pipe Major position. P/M Brown grew the band substantially until his retirement in 2017.

The band has had major success under P/M Brown, including being chosen to act as Gov. Ehrlich's personal escort at his 2003 inauguration and appearing in the movie "Ladder 49".

Clan MacRae Society Pipe Band under P/M John F. Nicoll
Pipe Major Walter T. Wilkie